Sylvia Rose-Ann Walker, PhD, is an Assistant Professor, Language and Literature, in the Centre for Education Programmes at the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) where she teaches courses such as Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism, Studies in literary Imagination, and Caribbean Poetry.

She is a multidisciplinary practitioner researcher, whose membership in the Writers' Union of Trinidad and Tobago and the Reading Association of Trinidad and Tobago has resulted in the honing of her knowledge and skills in creative writing and literacy methods respectively. Sylvia shares those skills with the community by providing workshops on request and by publishing articles that demonstrate her facility with writing and with reading strategies.

She is also a trained volunteer of the Adult Literacy Tutors' Association (ALTA) and an active member of the Soroptimist International Club of St. Augustine (SISA). Her most recent book review appears in Power and Education, Volume 5, No.2, 2013.